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“Fortitude is an open world space exploration game, where you as the player are dropped into a faraway Solar System with one not-so-simple task; finding evidence of advanced extraterrestrial life.

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Semester 1: Initial Designwork

Design Document:

Here you will find the design document for the final game outcome of the semester; DELTA-V (the subsequent game was then titled Fortitude). Included here is an Overview of the game as a whole as well as specific details about the Mechanics, Controls, Environment, Audience and much more.


Conducted for inspiration of game-based ideas, both during the development of the initial game ideas (from which the main DELTA-V idea then evolved from) and then during Fortitude’s direct development.


Fully playable prototypes of various game mechanics and ideas generated across the semester, along with descriptions and video coding walkthroughs of each.

Weekly Walkthroughs:

Weekly blog-post-like updates written by myself, detailing the events of each week of the semester, including the final outcome presentations from each phase, detailed descriptions of each game idea and the thought processes and research behind them.


Semester 2: Full Game Development

Trello Board:

Here you will find a link to the trello board that myself and my development partner Josh used throughout the creation of Fortitude as a fully playable game during semester two. On the board you will see the weekly tasks we underwent as well as semi-detailed notes from each of the updates that were implemented as development progressed.

Patch Notes & Videos:

At the end of each week of the semester, Fortitude had a full content update applied to it that had been worked on throughout said week. Here you can find the patch notes from each of the game’s updates, with full written details on what was added (or removed) as well as an accompanying coding walkthrough video that goes through all of the C# code written for each update.

Weekly Walkthroughs:

In a similar manner to semester one, each week I wrote a detailed walkthrough of the development-related events that occurred during each day, taking particular note of through processes, idea generation and the various experiences (both good and bad) that myself and Josh went through as we created the game. You can find and read each of these here.