Week Thirty Five – Walkthrough & Reflection

Brace yourselves, this is going to be a rather long post. Having successfully completed Fortitude 1.5 last Friday, much of the subsequent weekend (and a fair chunk of Monday) was spent playtesting the newly-MVP game. My friend James was chief among said playtesters, as he had previously played a few small chunks of Fortitude before […]

Week Thirty Four – Walkthrough & Reflection

It’s the penultimate week of the semester (and my entire Games Design course, sob) and it’s been quite a busy one, bordering on the verge of hectic. The pressures of a deadline are starting to get to us now, but the game is so very nearly there as a result. Having also had a particularly […]

Week Thirty Three – Walkthrough & Reflection

Unlike a fair number of previous weeks, Week Thirty Three has gone pretty much according to plan. Well, except for a game-breaking visual bug on Monday that damn nearly gave both myself and Josh heart attacks. That was fun. Let’s dive right into that, then. This week’s Monday began as most have done in this […]

Week Thirty Two – Walkthrough & Reflection

Week Thirty Two has come and gone, and while it hasn’t been the best week that we’ve ever had, the game is still coming along nicely…more or less. Monday kick-started the week, and Josh and I spent most of it fixing various small issues and bugs with the previous week’s game build; Fortitude 1.2. Something […]

Week Thirty One – Walkthrough & Reflection

Another week of the semester has come and gone, and the game continues to creep ever closer to completion. Things have been achieved, things have been lost, but overall – it’s been a good week. Monday. I began the week by opening up the game’s development Trello board (which can be found in the Semester […]

Week Thirty – Walkthrough & Reflection

Fortitude has taken significant leaps forward in Week Thirty, with its latest update (version 1.1) adding a few much needed general features and mechanics as well as further progressing the game’s overall narrative structure. The week began as it usually does on a Monday, with me sitting down at my desk in the morning, opening […]

Week Twenty Nine – Walkthrough & Reflection

Week Twenty Nine has been a busy one, but before I tell you that story, I’m going to tell you this story; the tale of one EGX Rezzed 2019. The entryway to greatness… Myself, Richard and George arrived in London early in the morning of Friday the fifth of April, as trains were expensive and […]

Week Twenty Seven – Walkthrough & Reflection

This week’s Walkthrough will be rather a short one (much to the reader’s relief I’m sure) as it’s quite a short development week for me, with EGX Rezzed 2019 on Friday and a holiday to the misty mountains of Scotland taking me away from Fortitude until the end of next week. Despite this though, Prototype […]

Week Twenty Six – Walkthrough & Reflection

Things haven’t gone quite as planned this week, but honestly that’s been something of a recurring theme for the past few weeks. Besides, as a result of this change of plans, I successfully completed the largest update yet for Fortitude – The Refueling Update. The week began on Monday (as it usually does) and the […]

Week Twenty Five – Walkthrough & Reflection

Week Twenty Five has seen a fairly significant leap forward in terms of development for Fortitude, including framerate optimisation, a basic autopilot function for the ship as well as the basic groundwork for a full lighting and sound system. As usual it’s been a rather busy week, but a productive one nonetheless. The plan for […]