DELTA-V – Prototype 0.1 – Patch Notes

The Initial Update

This update adds the Fortitude and some testing asteroids, as well as outer space movement, ship-collision-based destruction and subsequent reassembly mechanics.


Additions –

  • Controls –
    • “W” – Move Forwards
    • “A” – Rotate Left
    • “D” – Rotate Right
    • “R” – Toggle Power/Finer Thrusters
    • “M” – Toggle Zoom In/Out


  • Added GameObjects
    • Added “Fortitude” GameObject (Box Collider 2D, Rigidbody2D)
      The two dimensional playable “Spaceship” that the player will control while travelling through space in DELTA-V. It forms one of two playable “characters” in the full game. The “Fortitude” is made up of five smaller GameObjects, each with it’s own Box Collider 2D and OnTrigger Circle Collider 2D (the main body, left and right “Thrusters”, “Antenna” and “Gun Turret”). Gravity and drag on its Rigidbody2D has been disabled in order to simulate the conditions of outer space. The ship can move forwards via the “W” key and rotate left or right via the “A” and “D” keys respectively.
    • Added placeholder “ThrusterGas” GameObjects
      These placeholder assets are disabled for much of gameplay, and only appear when the “Fortitude’s” thrusters are being fired in order to give the player a visual representation that they are generating thrust.
    • Added multiple “Asteroid” GameObjects (Polygon Collider 2D, Rigidbody2D)
      These placeholder assets are used to test collisions with the “Fortitude” and the environment around it. They slowly rotate at variable speeds to give the impression that they are under gravitational pull. Gravity and drag on their Rigidbody2D’s have been disabled in order to simulate the conditions of outer space.
    • Added “Camera” GameObject
      This “Camera” follows the “Fortitude”, and is used to visually show the player their current location and actions throughout the game.


  • Added Scripts
    • Added “SpaceNavigation” script –
      This script gives the “Fortitude” its movement capabilities (moving forwards and rotating left and right) as well as activating and deactivating (using SetActive) each of the “Thruster” GameObjects respectively whenever one of the Fortitude’s thrusters is fired in the game. This script also adds the “Power/Finer Thrusters” mechanic, giving the “Fortitude” far higher forward speeds when the former is enabled and far lower when the latter is. These “Thrusters” are toggled via the “R” key. Finally, this script also checks to see if the “Thrusters” are “lost” (see the “Destruction” script), and if so it disables the ability to move forwards via the “Finer Thrusters”.
    • Added “Destruction” script –
      This script adds the ability for the ship to essentially break apart if it collides with an object tagged with “space” (with the left and right “Thrusters”, “Antenna” and “Gun Turret” disconnecting from the main body as a result) as well as subsequent reassembly of the ship if proximity to the OnTrigger Circle Collider 2D’s of the broken elements is achieved.
    • Added “CameraController” script –
      This script enables the “Camera” to follow the “Fortitude” wherever it moves in the game.It also enables the “Zoom In/Out” control that allows the player to zoom the “Camera” in and out in order to get a better perspective of their current location in space.
    • Added “Asteroids” script –
      This script gives the “Asteroid” GameObjects the ability to slowly rotate, giving the currently false impression that they are under gravitational pull in the game.


Bugfixes/Improvements –

  • Fixed a bug where upon colliding with the OnTrigger Circle Collider 2D of one of the four as then disconnected elements of the “Fortitude” (at the time being the left “Thruster”), said element would not reconnect to the main body of the ship. This was caused by the “isLeftBoosterDestroyed” boolean of the “SpaceNavigation” script not being enabled properly when the left “Thruster” was disengaged from the main body of the “Fortitude”. This was fixed by adding a check to see if said “Thruster” was parented to a GameObject, and if it was not then said boolean would be enabled.

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