A Basic Guide to Fortitude

Fortitude is a two-dimensional open world space exploration game set within a Solar System in the far reaches of unknown space. You and your Rocket are dropped off by an interstellar transport vessel, and your objective is simple; to find evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial life.

You are in uncharted waters, with limited sensors and no real idea of what you might discover. Whether good or bad, there could be literally anything waiting for you in the darkness of space, not to mention the numerous known natural hazards that will kill you faster than you can react.

You have limited fuel, no shields and most importantly, no backup. Your slim but only chance of survival is to venture out into the mystery of the unknown and discover something truly spectacular in the deepest depths of space. Only then may salvation come.


This section is essentially a quick guide to the game in the form of several visual tutorials, covering controllable entities, primary game mechanics and controls as well as Fortitude’s explorable Solar System.

They are expandable via right-clicking and hitting “View Image”.


Flying The Ship

An in-depth guide to the game’s spaceship; the Fortitude.



Controlling The Astronaut

Introducing the movement and major mechanics of the other playable entity in the game.



The Explorable Solar System

Discussing the various explorable worlds of Fortitude and what the player may find on each.




A guide to the process of refueling the Fortitude ship, should its fuel gauge begin to run low.




A detailed tutorial examining what has been described as the hardest mechanic in the game.


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