DELTA-V – Prototype 0.2 – Patch Notes

The “Stranded In Deep Space” Update

This update adds a Fuel System to the game, as well as a HUD for reading speeds and said Fuel levels, an Iron Man-like ability to recall lost ship parts, a few more good old testing asteroids and the ability for the player to fully die.


Additions –

  • Controls –
    • “F” – Move “lost” parts of the “Fortitude” towards the ship
    • “G” – Move “lost parts of the “Fortitude” away from the ship (used to slow them down during Recall)


  • Added GameObjects
    • Added multiple “Asteroid” GameObjects (Polygon Collider 2D, Rigidbody2D) –
      More of the testing “Asteroid” GameObjects have been added in order to “fine tune” and further test the manouevring capabilities of the “Fortitude” playable GameObject as well as to generally further simulate space in the prototype game environment.
    • Added “Fuel Cloud” GameObject (On Trigger Circle Collider 2D) –
      This placeholder GameObject enables “refueling” (see the “FuelSystem” script addition) whenever the “Fortitude” is within it’s OnTrigger Circle Collider. This asset also has it’s opacity set to half, so that the “Fortitude” is still visible while within it and to give the visual impression of a cloud.
    • Edited “Fortitude” GameObject (Box Collider 2D, Rigidbody2D) –
      This GameObject has been further split into detachable “destructable” GameObjects. It now consists of the “Main Body”, left and right “Thrusters”, “Antenna”, “Turret” and the four front “Needles”.


  • Added Scripts –
    • Added “FuelSystem” script
      This script adds a Fuel System for the “Fortitude” into the game. Movement (i.e. firing any “Thrusters”) uses “Fuel”, as well as using the Zoom In/Out and Recall mechanics. The “Fortitude” begins with 100% “Fuel”, and if it hits 0% then the player will no longer be able to control the ship. The player can if they choose “refuel” the “Fortitude” – this is achieved by entering the OnTrigger Circle Collider 2D of a “Fuel Cloud” GameObject and subsequently staying there as the “Fuel” level increases (3 per second). Usage of “Fuel” in the game is as follows:

      • Manouevring Thrusters (i.e. rotation) – 0.1 per second
      • Finer Thrusters – 0.2 per second
      • Power Thrusters – 0.5 per second
      • using the Zoom Out function – 1 per second
      • using the Recall function – 10 per second
    • Added “SpeedGUI” script
      This script adds a “HUD” to the top left hand corner of the screen. This “HUD” displays the “Fortitude’s” forward velocity in metres per second, rotational velocity in metres per second and current “Fuel” level as a percentage.
    • Added “shipDeath” script
      This script gives the “Fortitude” the ability to be completely destroyed (i.e. game over). If the main body of the ship (note – not any of the destructable parts) collides with an object tagged with “space” at a higher velocity than 10 metres per second, it will be destroyed and the “Player” will die.
    • Edited “Destruction” script
      This edit adds the new “Recall” mechanic, giving the player the ability to move any “lost” parts of the “Fortitude” (enabled via the “Destruction mechanic from version 0.1) towards the main body of the ship. This ability consumes a considerable level of “Fuel”, and the idea is that it should only be used in an absolute emergency (i.e. if the player cannot see a “lost” part or if it is too far away).
    • Edited “CameraController script
      Increased the starting “OrthographicSize” variable from 5 to 8 and the Zoom Out “Orthographic Size” variable from 50 to 80. This change essentially zooms out the main “Camera” more so that the viewable area around the “Fortitude” is increased.


Bugfixes/Improvements –

  • Fixed a bug where if the “Fortitude” was destroyed, the placeholder “ThrusterGas” GameObjects were still visible and could still be toggled as if the ship’s “Thrusters” were firing. This was caused by the “ThrusterGas” GameObjects not being disabled properly when the “Fortitude” was destroyed. This was fixed by adding a seperate line of code to the “shipDeath” script that disables the “ThrusterGas” GameObjects whenever the “Fortitude” is destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug where if the “Fortitude” had “lost” its two “Thrusters”, pressing the “W” key would still consume “Fuel” as if the two “Thrusters” were still moving the ship forwards. This was caused by human error, as the coder forgot to fully disable the “Fuel System” script functions if the “Fortitude” no longer has the ability to move around. This was fixed by adding several lines of code to the “Destruction” script that disabled the “Fortitude’s” use of “Fuel” if “Thrusters” had designated as “lost”.
  • Improved and optimised elements of the “Destruction” mechanic in the “ShipNavigation” script by removing several booleans and two floats and then calling established ones instead. This removed clutter from the script as well as unecessary calling of various script functions.
  • General improvements to boolean logic in functions, enablement and disablement of various game mechanics and several minor issues.


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