Fortitude – Version 1.6 – Patch Notes

The Finale Update This update mostly consists of general bugfixes and gameplay improvements, with a few exceptions being an alternate game ending, a small change to the game’s narrative where Refueling has now become more prominent, as the player is now required to refuel just after they complete the “Alien Ruins” narrative event, and the […]

Fortitude – Version 1.5 – Patch Notes

The “The Chamber Of Secrets Has Been Opened, Enemies Of The Heir Beware” Update In what will likely be Fortitude’s final update before hand-in (as next week will likely be mostly bugfixing) a considerable number of new features have been added. Narratively, the story is complete – this week adds the two final events into […]

Fortitude – Version 1.4 – Patch Notes

The “In The Darkness Of The Waters Do Solemn Nightmares Roam” Update I mean, do you need a description after reading that title? I jest, of course you do. Fortitude 1.4 is another fairly large content update, bringing the game closer than ever before to completion. Added this week were the final two explorable planetary […]

Fortitude – Version 1.3 – Patch Notes

The “A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away…” Update Fortitude 1.3 is a bit of a mess of an update, really – simply put, it contains a bit of everything, and so doesn’t really fall into any particular update category. This week, we have a brand new addition to the narrative with […]

Fortitude – Version 1.2 – Patch Notes

The “Things That Go Bump In The Night” Update This week’s update is a bit of a double act; one part “quality of life” and other part “content update”. Along with a bunch of fixes and general gameplay improvements, Fortitude 1.2 brings full controller support (to the point where playing keyboard is no longer considered […]

Fortitude – Version 1.1 – Patch Notes

The “Let There Be Light!” Update With version 1.1, Fortitude takes several major strides towards completion. This particularly large update comes with a considerable amount of new game features, including a new (and great looking) lighting system, revamped planetary landing (now with extra difficulty), a new camera system, a Pause Menu, a Game Over screen […]

Fortitude – Version 1.0 – Patch Notes

The “We’ve Hit 1.0!” Update Fortitude has now hit version 1.0, and so officially exits prototype stage. This rather large game update introduces a number of new features, including a new planetary surface (Diadem), a basic background parallax system, orbital prediction lines in the map and dangerous atmospheric elements that now make planetary landing a […]

Fortitude – Prototype 0.9 – Patch Notes

The “Quality Of Life, Third Of It’s Name” Update This is the third of Fortitude’s quality of life updates, and it’s essentially a sequel to the Refueling Update, adding in the second of the two gas giants as a “landable” planetary body, a handy auto-orbital-rotation feature upon initiating landing as well as a series of […]

Fortitude – Prototype 0.8 – Patch Notes

The Refueling Update In it’s biggest content update yet, Fortitude’s difficulty is kicked up a notch as the Refueling mechanic returns to the game, this time with a vengeance. In order to gather Fuel and continue living, the player must travel to the outer edges of nearby gas giants. Unfortunately, their ship cannot enter Fuel […]

Fortitude – Prototype 0.7 – Patch Notes

The “Quality Of Life, Second Of It’s Name” Update This is Fortitude’s second quality of life update, and with it comes a host of new features, both experimental and full implementations. The additions include a full lighting system, basic sound system, prototype ship-to-astronaut tethering, improved orbital mechanics and highly destructive asteroids. Additions – Controls – […]