Fortitude – Prototype 0.3 – Patch Notes

The “Extra Vehicular Activity” Update

This update adds a playable Astronaut into the game, including his own Fuel and Health Systems, the ability to get in and out of the Fortitude ship as well as the ability to control it’s flight remotely. Refueling has also been altered; the player can now only refuel the Fortitude from outside the ship, increasing the level of risk and danger considerably.


Additions –

  • Controls –
    • “E” – Enter/Exit the Fortitude with the “OnFoot” playable character
    • Also “E” – Enable “Remote Control” of the “Fortitude” ship while being a certain distance away.
    • “Scroll Wheel” – Scrolling up Zooms In, and scrolling down Zooms Out.


  • Added GameObjects –
    • Added placeholder “OnFoot” GameObject (Box Collider 2D, Rigidbody2D –
      The two dimensional playable Astronaut that the player controls while not in the “Fortitude” spaceship in the game. Gravity and drag have been disabled on its Rigidbody2D in order to simulate the conditions of outer space. The Astronaut can be moved upwards via his suit “thrusters”, using the “W” key, left and right via the “A” and “D” keys respectively, and downwards via the “S” key.
    • Added placeholder “OnFoot”  “ThrusterGas” GameObjects –These placeholder assets are disabled for much of gameplay, and only appear when the “OnFoot” Astronaut’s thrusters are being fired, in order to give the player a visual representation that they are generating suit thrust.
    • Added two placeholder “RefuelBubble” GameObjects  –
      These placeholder assets are disabled for much of gameplay, and only appear when the player is “refueling” the “Fortitude” ship GameObject, in order to give the player a visual representation that they are enacting the “refuel” mechanic.
    • Added “TestingPlanet” GameObject  –
      This is a testing GameObject made up of multiple “building block” assets (designed by Josh) added to test the size and inner movement of planetary sized objects. The “Asteroids” script has been added to each of the “building blocks”, in order to give the impression that different elements of the planet (clouds, storms etc.) are moving independently of the planet’s orbital rotation.
    • Added “Tether” GameObject (Rigidbody2D, Hinge Joint 2D) (currently disabled) –
      This is a testing GameObject that is being used to test the idea of tethering the “OnFoot” Astronaut GameObject to the “Fortitude” ship GameObject when outside of said ship, so that it is less difficult to lose when exploring. This GameObject is currently disabled due to the severe bugs and issues it introduces to the game when enabled, and in all honesty will likely be removed in the near future due to the superior “Remote Control” mechanic.


  • Added Scripts –
    • Added “FootNavigation” script –
      This script switches the default perspective of the game from the “Fortitude” ship GameObject to the “OnFoot” Astronaut GameObject. It gives said GameObject its movement capabilities, as well as activating and deactivating (using SetActive) the “OnFoot” “ThrusterGas” GameObjects respectively when the “OnFoot” suit thrusters are fired in the game. This script also flips the “OnFoot” sprite depending on whether they are facing left or right, attributes the previously established “refuel” mechanic to the “OnFoot” rather than “Fortitude” GameObject, and destroys said GameObject if they collide with an object tagged with “space” at a high enough velocity.
    • Added “VehicleTransition” script –
      This script adds the ability for the player to transition between being “inside” (and therefore controlling) the “Fortitude” ship GameObject and “outside”where they control the “OnFoot” Astronaut GameObject. This script also adds the ability to control the “Fortitude” ship GameObject remotely when “outside” of it, which is achieved by pressing the “E” key while being a certain distance from the ship.
    • Edited “CameraController” script –
      This edit adds perspective switching between the “OnFoot” and “Fortitude” playable characters – whenever the “E” key is pressed and control between the GameObjects is switched, the camera’s perspective will also switch to view whichever playable GameObject is currently being controlled. This edit also temporarily disabled the “M” key Zoom In/Out Map function, and replaced it with a mouse-scrollable Zoom In/Out that is entirely controllable by the player’s mouse scroll wheel.
    • Edited “FuelSystem” script –
      This edit adds a separate Fuel System to the “OnFoot” Astronaut GameObject. Said suit “Fuel” is used up whenever the “OnFoot” suit thrusters are being used, and is “refueled” when the “OnFoot” GameObject is within the OnTrigger Circle Collider 2D of the “Fortitude” GameObject – doing this however detracts “Fuel” from  the “Fortitude” and adds it to the “OnFoot”.
    • Edited “SpeedGUI” script –
      This edit adds the current “OnFoot” suit “Fuel” level to the game’s HUD.


Bugfixes/Improvements –

  • Fixed a bug where if the “Fortitude” ship GameObject had 0% “Fuel”, the player could still “refuel” the “OnFoot” Astronaut GameObject by entering the “Fortitude’s” OnTrigger Circle Collider 2D as coded in the “FuelSystem” script. This was caused by the “FuelSystem” script not accounting for the “Fuel” level of the “Fortitude” when triggering the “refuel” mechanic and “refueling” the “OnFoot” suit “Fuel” level.  This was fixed by adding several lines of code that now do not allow the “refueling” of the “OnFoot” GameObject if the “Fortitude’s” “Fuel” level is 0%.
  • Fixed a bug where upon enabling the “Remote Control” mechanic and controlling the “Fortitude” ship GameObject remotely, rotating the ship via the Manoeuvering Thrusters would not consume “Fuel”, but it would be consumed if the ship was being piloted with the “OnFoot” Astronaut GameObject inside. This was caused by the “FuelSystem” script looking for a variable that tells it whether to consume “Fuel” when rotating the ship that is disabled upon exiting said ship with the “OnFoot” Astronaut GameObject. This was fixed by changing the checked variable to one that is not disabled upon exiting the ship.
  • Fixed an issue where if the player exited the “Fortitude” ship GameObject while the ship was in motion, immediately upon exit the “OnFoot” Astronaut GameObject would come to a stop, negating any and all momentum gained from the speed of the “Fortitude” GameObject. This was caused by Unity’s inbuilt physics not accounting for the speed of the parent GameObject when unparenting another GameObject from it. This was fixed by adding a line of code to the “VehicleTransition” script that makes it so that upon exiting the “Fortitude” GameObject the velocity of said GameObject is matched with the “OnFoot” Astronaut GameObject’s, keeping any momentum gained from controlling the ship.
  • Discovered an issue where upon rotating the “Fortitude” ship GameObject via the AddTorque function (using the “A” and “D” keys), said rotation is ever so slightly out of alignment, resulting in a very small forward movement of the “Fortitude” along with a turn. This is presumably caused by Unity just…being Unity. This can be fixed by removing all Colliders from the GameObject, but this unfortunately cannot be done as physics-based collision is an essential part of the game. For now, we shall just have to live with this particular issue.
  • General improvements to boolean logic in functions, various mechanic-based optimisations and small script elements.

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